Property Management

We believe the best property management service depends on trust. GLICO Properties strength lies in its experienced team of professionals within the Group upon whose creativity and innovative systems the investment portfolio is actively managed.

Property Development

Land banks for Joint Venture Projects

We continue to increase the size and variety of our land banks with the constant addition of new enclaves within locations purposefully identified for future development of our luxury residential housing concepts. 

GLICO Properties has an experienced team of experts selected from leading professionals in the areas of Architectural Designs, Estate Management, Interior Design, Finance, Marketing, and Customer Relations among others. This team is constantly scanning the environment, listening to clients and developing innovative services that guarantee the comfort of our clients.

GLICO Properties welcomes investors for commercially viable Joint Venture projects at our sites.

Residential And Commercial Lettings

The demand for long term, short term, corporate and luxury properties in Accra in the limited rental market is phenomenal. For tenants, the competition can be great. That is where our Property Management Team can help. If you are a corporate entity or individual looking to rent a secure residential or commercial property in Accra then there can be no better choice than to pick either of our estates or commercial space. Please visit our enquiries page to contact us with your requirements.