Advisory Services

Advisory services you can count on

You can trust us to give you the best advice. The following are some of our advisory services:

Property Letting

Count on our decades of experience

Our years of experience in letting properties and unflinching delivery of high class management service is the reason our clients keep coming to us for short and long term letting/leases.

We have been in the letting and facility management business for over a decade and have over the years let and managed some high class properties to the absolute satisfaction of our clients.

Give us a call for a tour of some of our properties.


Remodelling. As good as new!

Rental investment properties need a little freshening up every couple of years to stay modern, visually appealing and competitive.

At GLICO Properties, whether it is a main room, an entire apartment or a block of flats, we have what it takes to manage your desired transformation.

Our team of experts and partner companies have everything it takes, from architectural designs to full refurbishment, to transform a property beyond your expectations. You can also be assured that our design specialists will manage the entire refurbishment project to give your property the modern look and feel it deserves.

If you are looking for a more customized service, then our interior design team can create a bespoke interior that looks visually stunning and also meets your requirements and financial budget.

All of our work is overseen by our Estate Manager to the highest standard, on time, and within budget.

Real Estate Asset Management

Management excellence is our mantra

At GLICO Properties, we offer a structured approach to handling real estate assets for individuals and organizations that have one; two, three or more real estate properties, thereby freeing their time to focus on their core business.

Our systemic approach to maintaining and upgrading property(ies) in a cost-effective manner ensures that our clients have the needed peace of mind.

Our team of experts evaluates properties by taking into consideration the market prices, the cost of maintaining the structure, appreciation and depreciation values, property taxes, demand for the properties, among others, to ensure clients are well informed on the appreciable value in assets.